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Three Icons of French Comedy

Duel (Les François, 2013)

Director: Jérôme Foulon
Cast: Issame Chayle, Daniel Russo, Marie-France Alvarez, Margot Bancilhon
Genre: Comedy


Two men with the same name have nothing else in common. Both are called François, but they couldn’t be more different . . . or are they? The younger of the pair is only 21 and looking for new opportunities in life. The older man is retired, and has the grumpiest of natures. As destiny unites them, their lives change forever. Eurochannel presents Duel, a comedy about the power of friendship.

Directed by Jérôme Foulon (who also directed The Poppy Woman, Ingrid & Lola – United Against Crime, and Ingrid & Lola – Road to Manta Corridor, previously aired on Eurochannel), Duel tells the story of two men who share the same name. The first is young and daring. He lies to his mother about going to university when, in reality, he squats in whatever place he can find. The other is a retired man in his 60s. He doesn’t build relationships with others, always avoiding any kind of love for or from others.

One day, the two unlikely François meet, changing their destinies forever. Young François offers to look after old François’ garden for a couple of euros. After much discussion, the latter accepts and also offers him a place to stay. Their relationship begins fraught, but as time passes, they build a strong bond. The young man has found the father he always longed for, while the old François has found the son he never had.

Eurochannel invites you to enjoy a poignant comedy where emotions are put to test. Two men change their strong views as they find in each other, the person they had searched for all their lives . . . true friendship!


François (Daniel Russo), a retired trader, lives alone in a big house and offers himself, from time to time, adventures of a night. He only accepts the presence of Reine (Marie-France Alvarez), his amusing cleaning lady. One day, a young man named François (Issame Chayle) knocks on his door. Little by little, they build an unbreakable bond of friendship.

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