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Enticement - Thierry Petit - France

Enticement (France, 2014) by Eurochannel



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Enticement (La main passe, 2014)

Cast: Bruno Todeschini, Fanny Valette, Anne Azoulay
Director: Thierry Petit
Genre: Thriller, drama
Rating: 14


A distinguished French lawyer has a dangerous obsession for stealing objects. One day, he goes beyond his limits when that fixation targets a gorgeous woman – an encounter that turns to be lethal. Eurochannel presents Enticement, a French thriller about the chilling consequences of extreme obsession, anger and revenge!

In Enticement, Jonathan has a dangerous addiction to stealing little objects. He is a master at hiding and shoplifting with a cunning mind from his work as an attorney. When his obsessive behavior focuses on Emilie, a young woman he witnessed committing a crime of passion, Jonathan’s life goes upside down. From a controlling situation as he possesses the murder weapon, he becomes Emilie’s latest target.

Based on a novel by Boileau-Narcejac, a famous French tandem of detective literature, Enticement is an intriguing women-lead psychological thriller of passionate crime and cold intrigue. The dark actions of these ladies make the kleptomaniac lawyer believe he will have the last word… Until he realizes it is too late.

Eurochannel invites you to witness the fatal consequences of a crime of passion, while a man carries out an odious blackmail and a young woman stops at nothing to get away with murder!


Jonathan Marescot has an obsession for stealing little objects. He loves not only possessing them, but also the thrill he gets from robbing. When his compulsive interest focuses on Emilie, he thinks he has control over her – until it is too late to realize: she might be the one in power.

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