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Executive Orders (Qui sème le vent, 2011)

Director: Frédéric Garson
Laurent Lucas, Natacha Régnier, Daniel Martin
Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
Length: 85’


In the middle of the negotiations for the uranium price between France and Niger, a hostage situation endangers the deal. Not only is the safety of the captives at risk, but also the whole French diplomatic establishment. Eurochannel premieres Executive Orders, a thriller with an explosive combination: politics and uranium.

Executive Orders delivers what it promises: surprise, rage, anguish, tension… All emotions at their highest! In the film, two scientists working for an environmental NGO are kidnapped in Niger near one of the largest uranium mines, operated by a leading French company. In full renegotiation of the price of uranium with Niger, France sees the situation as a means of utter pressure.

Revealing the relentless gear of French diplomacy with its former colonies, against the backdrop of nuclear and African independence, Executive Orders presents a heart-pounding story of what could go wrong when negotiating in unsettling conditions. As the plot develops, the flaws and shadows of politicians and businessmen slowly reveal that sometimes human lives have a price tag.

Eurochannel welcomes you to the arid deserts of Niger where an emotional time bomb is about to explode. There, the fates of scientists working for the improvement of human life and politicians with personal interests will clash in an unsettling battle of egos and money.


In Northern Nigeria, two French scientists working for an environmental NGO disappear. Hugo Geoffroy (Laurent Lucas), leader of an emergency unit of the French police, is sent to negotiate the hostages' freedom but he is playing a double game.

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