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Extraordinary Rendition (Extraordinary Rendition, 2007)
United Kingdom

Director: Jim Threapleton
Cast: Omar Berdouni, Andy Serkis, Ania Sowinski


"Men without conscience are capable of any cruelty the human man can imagine," said Dick Cheney and he might be right. It is precisely with this sentence that this drama begins with, as a statement of making of an action, thriller, drama a statement and denounce of some wrong-doings within governments. Eurochannel invites its viewers to experience torture and disappearance in Extraordinary Rendition.

Extraordinary Rendition is the debut film directed by Jim Threapleton, known for his former relationship with Hollywood actress Kate Whinstlet. In the film, Zaafir is a British lecturer with Muslin background summoned for illegal interrogation in an unknown country. During his captivity he is tortured and then returned without explanation, leaving him with the sequels of the experiences during his detention.

Enriched by the outstanding performances of Omar Berdouni (known for his roles in United 93 and Captain Phillips) and the prolific Andi Serkis (famous for his presence in The Lord of The Rings, The Prestige, King Kong, among others), Extraordinary Rendition portrays the hardship of illegally conducted detention and torture. With overwhelming scenes of practices such as water-boarding, sleep deprivation, and physical abuse, director Jim Threapleton also attempts to enhance the debate that's surrounding what is an urgent political story.

Eurochannel invites you not only to enjoy a thrilling drama but also to reflect on one of the current practices in some countries through the poignant story of a London lecturer.


A man (Omar Berdouni) is abducted from the streets of London and transported via secret flights
to an unknown country. Held in solitary confinement and cut off from the outside world, he is plunged into a lawless nightmare of detention without trial, interrogation and torture. Returned without explanation to the UK many months later, he is left to pick up the pieces of a shattered life in a world he no longer recognizes.


•    The film was premiered at the Locarno Film Festival, Switzerland on 8 August 2007, and at the Edinburgh Film Festival on 21 August 2007.

Airing times

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