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Fallen Empire - Jiří Svoboda - Czech Republic

Fallen Empire (Czech Republic, 2018) by Eurochannel

Fallen EmpireFallen Empire

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Interview with Ondřej Vetchý

Three Key Elements for the Creation of Czechoslovakia

Interview with Jirí Svoboda

Fallen Empire (Rašín, 2018)

Czech Republic

Director: Jiří Svoboda
Cast: Ondřej Vetchý, Miroslav Donutil, Zuzana Stivínová
Genre: Drama, thriller, history
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 2
Length: 79’
Rating: 14


In the wake of World War I, the true story of a group of courageous men turned from traitors to heroes in the rise of a new nation. Eurochannel premieres Fallen Empire, a historical thriller that chronicles the fall of the Austro-Hungarian empire and the rise of the Balkan states!

A man is murdered. New economic and tax policies anger the population. The Balkans turn into a powder keg!

Fallen Empire follows the story of Alos Rašín, one of the most influential men in European politics in the 20th century. After the assassination of archduke Franz Ferdinand, the Balkans become the most unstable region of Europe. While some wish to strengthen monarchies and kingdoms, others plan to build republics and earn autonomy to their people.

A tale of intrigue, treachery and suspense, Fallen Empire is divided in two thrilling episodes capturing history through the perspective and personal story of Rašín. As if it wasn’t enough, this riveting series also unveils the key events leading up to the creation of an independent Czechoslovak state in October 1918.

A treat for lovers of conspirations and how they have changed the world and shaped politics, Fallen Empire depicts the consequences of defying a monarchy and the established power. Rašín and his allies experience firsthand the fact that patriotism includes the willingness to sacrifice oneself for one's country when they were sentenced to death for treason… But will they survive?

Eurochannel invites you to travel back in time with a nail-biting series based on true events. Fallen Empire proves that sometimes reality could be more exciting than fiction! Come discover the lives of the men who made Czechoslovakia happen!

Part 1

Tired of how their country was run, two men decide to take refuge in Russia and build an exiled government. Soon they discover the price of their actions.

Part 2

Patriotism is a willingness to sacrifice for your country. Two men did it and were sentenced to death for betraying the monarchy. They still managed to find independence.

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