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3 Key Women in the French Resistance

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Fallen from the Sky (La femme tranquille, 2008)

Cast: Line Renaud, Pierre Mondy, Richard Sammel
Director: Thierry Binisti
Genre: Drama
Length: 90’


It is 1943 and the Germans dominate France and half of Europe. In a small town, Louise owns the bar where locals and foreigners try to forget about the hardships of war. When she finds a wounded British soldier, Louise’s and the town’s destinies reach a point of no return. Eurochannel premieres the French drama: Fallen from the Sky.

A drama that portrays how life was for many Frenchmen during the Nazi occupation, Fallen from the Sky follows the story of Louise. Despite the profound love for her country, she does not get involved in politics or take sides… As long as the Germans and the Resistance leave her alone, she keeps pouring alcohol in her bar to make everybody happy. One day everything changes when she finds a wounded British soldier in the middle of a road.

Delivering a poignant story, Fallen from the Sky is a gripping drama that pays homage to many of those who served in the French Resistance and helped liberate their country overcome the Nazi oppression. According to the film’s director, it is especially a tribute to the protagonist’s mother, who worked at a textile factory and provided British soldiers with civilian clothes for their covet operations.

With a superb cast, including German actor Richard Samme (famous for his roles in Inglourious Basterds, Casino Royale, and The Strain), Fallen From the Sky transport viewers to a decade where fear was rampant and the most patriotic French had to risk themselves to alleviate the tension of the Nazi power.

Eurochannel invites you to a journey back in time to meet a one-of-a-kind woman. Loise, despite her age, takes on an incredible mission to help her beloved France!


January 1943. France is under occupation. Louise is 70, and in her bar, everyone likes to forget about the war. Her serenity is disturbed, however, by a cry for help from an English airman who falls from the sky... just like an angel.

Airing times

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