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Fallout (Stockholmský syndrom, 2019)
Czech Republic

Cast: David Svehlik, Martin Finger, Zuzana Mauréry, Elizaveta Maximová
Director: Dan Svátek
Genre: Thriller, crime, drama
Length: 2 x 75’


One shot. Seven lives. All their destinies changed forever. Eurochannel welcomes you to plunge into the unknown with a two-part thriller about hate, redemption and courage. Make sure not to miss this inspiring production.

Fallout delivers what it promises. Plenty of action and intrigue are the main elements set against the backdrop of a challenging case. In the movie, police investigator Viktor uses his service gun to protect his daughter when a Rottweiler attacks her. The shot ends up killing the dog, but, the bullet also injures the owner, Jindric Osecky. Because of this incident, Viktor is suspended and sentenced.

When Viktor is finally released from prison, he has hit rock bottom: he has been expelled from the police force, his wife has divorced him and is demanding child support, and he is required to pay his victim a very large sum as compensation for the crime that landed him into prison.

Reminiscing modern classics of the kidnapping thriller like the British series The Missing and The Fall, Fallout’s plot takes a gripping twist when, Klara -- Jindric’s daughter, who has been missing for several years -- escapes her pimps on a German motorway. The police team inform her parents, the Oseckys, about the serious physical and mental state of their daughter, who has been hospitalized. Jindric Osecky and Viktor cross paths again after many years.

Will Viktor finally redeem himself for a crime he never intended? Will Jindric finally forget his grudge against Viktor? Discover the revealing answers in this thrilling two-part production!

Fallout – Part 1

An unfortunate gunshot intertwines the fates of seven people and changes their fate forever. Viktor shoots Jendric while defending his daughter from a dog attack. After serving his sentence, Jendric looks for Viktor to help him in a case.

Fallout – Part 2

While helping to reconstruct Jendric’s family, Viktor also attempts to get closer to his daughter and former wife. This is his only opportunity for redemption.

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