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Family Meals (Nije ti život pjesma Havaja, 2012)

Director: Dana Budisavljević


When problems arouse in a family, there is no better way to solve them than a good and earnest talk. In a country that was part of the one of the most influential nations on Earth, the former Yugoslavia, homosexuality seems to be avoided… But this documentary will take the subject to the table. Welcome to share some Family Meals!

Directed by Dana Budisavljević, Family Meals offers an original view on homosexuality amongst traditional families in Croatia. The story is simple, Dana is gay and she knew she had to tell her personal story through a film… this is it!

Defined as “a cute personal war” by Budisavljević herself, Family Meals presents in an unexpected, yet traditional, cinematic way, a voyage of self-discovery from the moment Budisavljević felt she was gay, to the moment she could admit it, then to the moment she could tell her friends and her parents, and finally to the moment she said it through a film - a 20 years long battle.

Told with plenty of humor and sincerity, served with excellent food and spiced with love, Family Meals is an award winning tale (Audience Award at ZagrebDox 2012, Best Balkan Newcomer at the DokuFest Prizren 2012, among others) about acceptance that nobody should miss!


A Croatian middle class family tries to talk about things that really matter to them - hippy style of the parents in 70s, the daughter’s homosexuality, the brother’s illness, the merciless war, during series of breakfasts and lunches.

Airing times

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