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Interview with Tomas Donela

Farewell (Atsisveikinimas: laimingo žmogaus istorija, 2010)
Lithuania, Russia

Director: Tomas Donela
Cast: Olga Generalova, Vladimiras Jefremovas, Larisa Kalpokaite


Is it possible to be happy when one bids farewell? Is it possible to enjoy the moment, knowing that it will pass very soon? Is it true that the feeling of happiness can come only when you understand that you, perhaps, have managed to do what is most important? Eurochannel invites you to find out the answers in a gripping tale of morality and memoir as a sailor prepares for his very last journey, in Farewell.

Farewell is a Lithuanian drama and the first full length production of Tomas Donela. Telling the story of Audrius, a sailor to become captain who beleaguered by the premonition of his death, comes onto the shore for the last time. As the plot develops and many farewells have passed, his heart boils with hidden feelings, forgotten memories, grievances and joys like an awakened volcano. Led by an infinite desire to overcome his fear of death and recover the peace of mind it becomes clear that what could have been really important was waiting for him on the shore instead of on the sea.

The film reveals in its plot and beautiful cinematography all the effort imprinted by Donela, as he says: “I fought for ten years for the right to make this film; and it took me four years to make Farewell.” Such long time and energy paid off as the script has won international acclaim; it was awarded the second prize at Eureka Audiovisuel and a Nipkow grant in Berlin. Besides, it was shortlisted as one of six best European film projects by the Sundance Institute and Japanese broadcaster NHK.

Eurochannel takes you to Lithuania to enjoy a self-reflecting drama and discover why sometimes the answers to life, depression and stress can be found exactly where one is escaping from; an uplifting and heart-warming tale that will leave anyone untouched.


The sailor Audrius (Vladimiras Jefremovas) comes ashore for the last time in his life. The story unfolds through Audrius’ journey and his many encounters over a weekend. He is driven by a severe lack of time. Inadequate actions and reactions make sense when we find out his secret: he’s dying of Leukemia. During his grandmother’s birthday in her countryside village, surrounded by his family and after reassuring his son, he makes a final attempt to find resolve and peace.

•    The night Farewell was premiered in Lithuania was the day director Tomas Donela turn 50-years-old.

Airing times

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