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Farewell to Arms - Georgia

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Farewell to Arms


Eurochannel invites you to discover some of the most fascinating periods of Georgia's history. See the past dramatically unfold in five films about the best, and the worst, of war.

The Highway(2010)

Director: Sandro Japaridze


A young couple discusses an uncertain future. The girl reveals that she is pregnant, both shocking and overjoying the pair. From time to time, their dialogue is interrupted by a homeless child attracting their attention with his odd behaviour.

Everybody Dies in War(2010)

Director: Giga Liklikadze


Two boys meet in the forest to drink beers and take pot-shots at the empty bottles. Their fun is interrupted when a former soldier approaches them and explains the evils of guns and of war. This authoritative man is determined to make them see the truth, and as they talk he reveals the cruelty and brutality of war. Soon their drinks and their guns are forgotten in the face of one horrible truth: Everybody dies in war.


Director: Valerian Kirkitazde


As a company of soldiers pillage an empty town, three of their number is separated from the platoon. The trio approaches a rickety old house where the bump into a small child who, by chance, got stuck in there. Rather than help the boy, the soldiers take his precious medallion and try to leave in their car. When the child doggedly chases after them, the soldiers try in vain to scare the child off – first with words and then with a machine gun. When one of them fires a warning shot at the persistent kid, the unexpected happens.

The April Chill(Aprilis suskhi, 2010)

Director: Tornike Bziava


The April Chill is a ground-breaking anti-war film about the human heart. This compelling tale shows the dehumanizing effects of war, and the beauty of an invader's heart re-awakening to humanity and compassion.

The time: April 9th, 1989, at 4:00. The place: A peaceful protest against the Soviet regime in Tblisi Georgia. When the Soviet troops violently rout the harmless protestors 22 innocent lives are snuffed out. In the wake of this shocking violence, one Soviet militiaman meets a male Georgian dancer. Unexpectedly, his conscience begins to stir.

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