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Fifth Eurochannel Short Films Tour - Program 1 – From Women with Love: films through women’s eyes

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Fifth Eurochannel Short Films Tour
Program 1 - From Women with Love: films through women’s eyes

The Eurochannel Short Films Tour is back for its fifth edition, with a special programming theme: European women with ... And God Created European Woman.

Just as there can be no single definition of woman, there is no single style, attitude, genre, or approach in this year's Eurochannel Short Films Tour. Viewers will come across both new and experienced filmmakers, who explore the subject of woman in comedy, horror, romance, drama, experimental film and animation. Women and their contributions to European society are the complex and diverse inspirations for this new edition of the Eurochannel Short Films Tour ... And God created Woman. Follow Eurochannel on a journey to celebrate European women.

Door open 3

Door Open (2008)
United Kingdom - England

Director: Carolina Giammetta


An old woman likes to keep her door open. One day someone decides to come in. Door Open was a finalist in the Kirin Film Competition 2011.

Biography - Carolina Giammetta

Swimming pool

Swimming Pool (2010)
Czech Republic

Director: Alexandra Hetmerova


A nighttime love story of two outsiders, who meet at a closed swimming pool in the middle of a big city.

Biography - Alexandra Hetmerova

Date inc

Date Inc. (2010)
France: Limousin

Director: Jeanne Baron

Annick is looking for love and tries a session of speed dating. Will she meet her soul mate?

Biography - Jeanne Baron

Emocine policija 5

Emotional Police (Emocine Polcija, 2010)

Director: Lukrecija Vaupsaite


Emotional Police is a magical place where people come to register crimes such as heartbreak or lack of attention.

Biography - Lukrecija Vaupsaite

The Wall 4

The Wall (Sein, 2010)

Director: Anna Hints


The year is 1989. The Soviet Union is collapsing, the Berlin wall is falling. A man and a woman from opposite sides of a wall in a block of flats in Tallin are developing a relationship. He grows cacti and works as a radio repairman. She is an introverted pianist, who lives solely for playing Erik Satie on the piano.


Little Fighters (2012)
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Director: Ivana Lalovic


Three siblings are growing up in the war. Because their sister Selma is afraid of the shootings, the two older brothers make her believe that the war isn't real. Selma is convinced by the story and leads the whole family into great danger.

Biography - Ivana Lalovic

Father Son Anna 4

The Father, The Son and Anna (Le père, le fils et Anna, 2011)

Director: Myriam Muller

Anna and her boyfriend Tom are invited by his father for dinner. The atmosphere is tense between the father and the son. Suddenly, exasperated by the old man, Tom leaves the room. Alone with Anna, the father takes the opportunity to confide in her.

Biography - Myriam Muller


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