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Fifth Eurochannel Short Films Tour - Program 3 – Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

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Fifth Eurochannel Short Films Tour
Program 3 – Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

The Eurochannel Short Films Tour is back for its fifth edition, with a special programming theme: European women with ... And God Created European Woman.

Just as there can be no single definition of woman, there is no single style, attitude, genre, or approach in this year's Eurochannel Short Films Tour. Viewers will come across both new and experienced filmmakers, who explore the subject of woman in comedy, horror, romance, drama, experimental film and animation. Women and their contributions to European society are the complex and diverse inspirations for this new edition of the Eurochannel Short Films Tour ... And God created Woman. Follow Eurochannel on a journey to celebrate European women.


Aurora (2010)

Director: Aimée de Jongh


As nighttime darkens the woods, a horror story unfolds as Aurora attempts to escape the ghostly witches known as the Witte Wieven.

Biography - Aimée de Jongh

Dancing with Travolta

Dancing With Travolta (2010)
Belgium: Flanders

Director: Lenny Van Wesemael


Romantic dance comedy in which Heleen, age 25, has to confront her ex-boyfriend in order to realize her dream: Dancing with Travolta.

Biography - Lenny Van Wesemael

I'm sorry

I'm Sorry (2013)
Austria - Lower Austria

Director: Leonard Leiter

After a boozy night Simon finds himself in a bizarre situation provoked by his girlfriend Sophie. They have to leave the trashed hotel room immediately; there is no time to lose. Their controversial journey goes on while the situation continues to escalate.

Biography - Leonard Leiter

Hairy love 1

Hairy Love (2010)

Director: Antoine Barraud


Four young female tourists stop in Ptuj during their tour of Europe. At first disappointed by the quietness of the city, their first impressions are soon challenged by four local guys, with whom they discover that love can be found in the most unusual places and sometimes with the most unusual characters!

Biography - Antoine Barraud

Linda 4

Linda (2010)
United Kingdom - Northern Ireland

Director: Jonathan Wolff


Rose has to make a decision: Either she stays friends with Linda, her possessed flat mate, or looks elsewhere for the perfect cohabitant. Inspired by The Exorcist.

Dancing 2

Dancing (2010)
Belgium: Wallonia

Director: Marguerite Didierjean


Every week, Suzanne and her elderly friends meet at their neighborhood hairdresser. But today is a less ordinary day for all of them. Today, they are going dancing. So in addition to the usual hubbub, the luckiest can brag about the date that is coming to pick them up. The others will have to take the bus.

Biography - Marguerite Didierjean


Deadline (2010)

Director: Bianca Sescu

Two lovers: A neurosis, a suicide attempt, a fight and a release.

Mezz ora 2

Half an Hour Isn't Enough (Mezz'ora non mi basta, 2010)
Italy: Lazio

Director: Laura Rovetti

Martino is a young middle-class doctor, Eva a neurotic and sarcastic nonconformist. He runs her over and then helps her. They have nothing in common except for the time they are about to spend together.

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