Fifth Eurochannel Short Films Tour - Program 7 - Portrait of a Lady

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Fifth Eurochannel Short Films Tour
Program 7 - Portrait of a Lady

The Eurochannel Short Films Tour is back for its fifth edition, with a special programming theme: European women with ... And God Created European Woman.

Just as there can be no single definition of woman, there is no single style, attitude, genre, or approach in this year's Eurochannel Short Films Tour. Viewers will come across both new and experienced filmmakers, who explore the subject of woman in comedy, horror, romance, drama, experimental film and animation. Women and their contributions to European society are the complex and diverse inspirations for this new edition of the Eurochannel Short Films Tour ... And God created Woman. Follow Eurochannel on a journey to celebrate European women.

First Lady of Dubrave

First Lady of Dubrava (Prva Dama Dubrave, 2010)
Croatia: Dubrave

Director: Barbara Vekarić


Amra is an attractive and talented teenager living in the outskirts of Zagreb. Her dirty rap music has made her quite popular in the neighborhood. Her ʺmanagerʺ has plans to shoot a music video, but she is supposed to babysit her sister. Amra is not willing to sacrifice her big chance.

Biography - Barbara Vekarić

Lunch date

Lunch date (2011)
United Kingdom

Director: Sasha Collington


2011 was supposed to be Annabel's year. So why is she here, sitting in a restaurant, being told by a fourteen-year-old that her boyfriend, Thomas, doesn't want to see her anymore? The small messenger is Wilbur. He has agreed to break the news as payment for borrowing Thomas's tent. But dispensing with Annabel proves a bigger challenge than Wilbur had anticipated.

Biography - Sasha Collington

Strange fish

Strange Fish (Framand Frisk, 2010)

Director: Mikal Howland


Margrethe has served fish casserole in her local diner for years. One day the lovely Julia unexpectedly opens a sushi bar next door to the diner, and Margrethe takes up the fight against this strange new way of eating fish.


Surprise! (2008)
France: Nord Pas de Calais

Director: Fabrice Maruca


Pierre has prepared a surprise for his wife Brigitte's birthday. But a series of harmless incidents (like a draft and a sun beam reflected off a window) brings the young next-door girl neighbor into his bed just as Brigitte walks through the door...


Helen (2011)

Director: Stergios Paschos


Helen is bored. And when Helen is bored, horrible things happen around her.

Biography - Stergios Paschos


Joy ( 2010)
Ireland: Dublin

Director: Colm Quinn

Nicola is in the hospital after giving birth. When her school friend Tess comes to visit, Nicola is forced by her mother to introduce ʺJoyʺ, her newborn daughter, who for only seven hours.

Biography - Colm Quinn

page 23

Page 23 (2011)
Netherlands: Utrecht

Director: Jeroen Houben

Advertisements usually display unruffled domestic happiness. But, as we will see in Page 23, this world looks too good to be true. Behind the beaming smile of fashion models loom adultery and a stifling daily routine.

Biography - Jeroen Houben

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