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Fourth Eurochannel Short Films Tour - Program 5: Lost in Europe

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Fourth Eurochannel Short Films Tour
Program 5 – Lost in Europe

The Eurochannel Short Films Tour is back for its fourth edition, with a special programming theme: Laugh in Europe.

Wide-awake dreams and absurd lives, refreshing romances and comical dramas; all will make you laugh during this Eurochannel Short Films Tour. These films celebrate life through music, cinema, family and travel, with a wide variety of tones and settings; with an omnipresent touch of local European humor.

Try On

Try On (2010)

Director: Aleksandrs Rusevics


What unfulfilled wishes are hiding inside us when youth has passed long time ago? And if they come true, do they come in the right place and time? A railway worker on her ordinary working day suddenly finds something that she was dreaming about when she was young.

Biography - Aleksandrs Rusevics

Miracles in Armenia

Miracles in Armenia (2011)

Director: Laurent Firode


War rages in the Karabakh, region of Armenia. Three destinies cross, giving rise to certain miracles.

Biography - Laurent Firode

Clown Heart

Let’s be Belarusian (Budzma Belarusami, 2011)

Director: Yulia Ruditskaya


The history of Belarus from the creation of the world to 1991. Civil cultural campaign “Budzma bealrusami!” promotes positive changes in Belarusian society; one of its goals is overcoming of social dissociation through strengthening of national identification. As sociologists mark, Belarus is a country of “small, isolated social groups”. One of social stereotypes existing is an opinion about so-called “tolerance” of Belarusian people.

Biography - Yulia Ruditskaya


Bibendum (2011)

Director: Augustas Liiv


Bibendum is a short satire comedy about Macky, an English truck driver who is on his way to Russia. Macky is a lonely truck driver whose only companion on the road is the Michelin Man. Their friendship gets tested when Michelin Man gets stolen from the top of his cab while attending a dismantle gas station. Instead of driving off Macky decides to fight for his buddy.

Biography - Augustas Liiv

The Last Tour

The Last Tour (2010)

Director: Wille Hyvönen


Seppo, a 62 year old man, has been working as a sightseeing bus driver his whole life. One day he gets fired from his job. Confused Seppo now escapes to his summer cottage by bus. In shock he doesn’t realize the surprise he has taken with him, a surprise which is going to change Seppo's future completely.

Biography - Wille Hyvönen

Insignificant Details of the Accidental Episode

Insignificant Details of the Accidental Episode (2010)

Director: Mestetskiy Mikhail


A young man is travelling by train, which suddenly stops in a deserted place. Then another train stops on the next rail track and a girl in the window shows her naked breast. Despite her expectations the trains do not move; tracks need repairing. Life is unpleasant, stuck in a random place. The film's 20 minutes represent 20 years of the lives of protagonists: time spent seeing each other every day but never getting acquainted because of shyness and the embarrassment of the first meeting.

Biography - Mestetskiy Mikhail


Inspiration (2010)

Director: Igor Cobileanski


A car, a taxi, two vans and a motorcycle: the world is set in motion. City, town or countryside... everybody seems to be engaged in some sort of quest, looking for a hotel, a temporary shelter, a parking space, an electric cable, and a poet willing to lend his talents to a cause which requires urgent action. Eastern European humour always travelled well, These trains go from East to West, from West to East, day and night, and none of them stops in the village. Why is that?

Biography - Igor Cobileanski

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