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From Rome With Love (Colpo di fulmine, 2010)

Director: Roberto Malenotti
Cast: Lola Ponce, Roberto Farnesi, Fabio Testi
Genre: Drama


Maya has two dreams: becoming a famous singer and discovering who her father is. Stubborn like no other, she leaves her beloved Buenos Aires to look for happiness in Rome. In this life-changing journey, she will also discover the meanings of love and sorrow. Eurochannel presents a modern-day Cinderella romantic drama with From Rome with Love.

In From Rome with Love, Maya is a young and beautiful Argentinian girl that arrives in Italy to take part in a talent show and thus realize her dream of becoming a singer. In Rome, she faces a different reality from the one she imagined but also meets her great love. Leonardo Duprè is not only casting a spell on Maya, but is also one of the organizers of the talent show in which she’s competing.

Like every Cinderella-like story, Maya’s path is littered with sacrifices and obstacles. The man she believes to be her father, a member of the Italian Royal Family, is determined to ruin her career and life in Italy. But she is tenacious and never gives up. Even when she decides to face him, Maya believes in her victory in the singing competition and her romance with Leonardo.

Welcome to Rome to enjoy a poignant and uplifting romantic drama alongside Maya. She will prove that love conquers all!


Maya (Lola Ponche) is a beautiful young Argentine woman who leaves Buenos Aires and moves to Roma to take part in a talent show and thus realise her dream of becoming a singer. In the course of this life-changing journey, she will meet Leonardo (Roberto Farnesi), the love of her life. But obstacles await in her way.

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