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Frozen Valley (Il Mangiatore di pietre, 2019)

Cast: Luigi Lo Cascio, Ursina Lardi, Bruno Todeschini, Vincenzo Crea
Director: Pierluigi Di Lallo
Genre: Drama, crime


After finding the dead body of his nephew in a remote Piedmont valley, former smuggler Cesare hesitantly goes after the murderer and discovers the distortion of the village community. Eurochannel premieres the Italian crime drama Frozen Valley, a breathtaking take on death and hope!

Frozen Valley delivers a story as cold as its name and setting. One wintery night, Cesare walks through the cold mountains in the Italian-Swiss border and stumbles upon a dead body. To his surprise, he recognizes it at first sight – it is Fausto, his nephew. Once very close, the pair distanced when Fausto focused on smuggling drugs instead of people as Cesare. Now, willing to make justice, Cesare not only looks for the reason behind the assassination but also to redeem himself by assisting a group of African immigrants.

Set in the stunningly beautiful wintery landscape of the Italian Piedmont, Frozen Valley delivers a story of hope and redemption. As Cesare confronts his fate while being the prime suspect of his nephew’s murder, he only finds solace by guiding a teenager confronts his fears, and aiding refugees looking for a better life.

Eurochannel invites you to enjoy a unique crime thriller that evolves into a poignant drama. As the protagonists reveal their true selves and intentions, Frozen Valley turns into a worth-watching multi-layered story with an unexpected finale.


A former human trafficker finds the murdered body of his nephew in a remote valley. As soon as the police start to investigate the murder case, he becomes the prime suspect...

Airing times

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