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Full Disclosure Central Characters of the New Season


Elena Ferrante

Discover the New Lives of Full Disclosure.
Who Are the Central Characters of the New Season?

As Eurochannel premieres the new season of Full Disclosure, we invite you to discover the main characters and their influence on this riveting story of love.

Elena Ferrante (Played by Antonia Liskova)

Elena Ferrante was the protagonist of the first season, when she was idealistic, strong, and generous. Now an accomplished woman and mother, she lives with Peter, the man she now loves and with whom she has finally found peace. Sadly, one day, fate takes him away in the most ironic way, in an apparently casual accident ― appearances, however, soon begin to show cracks and Elena will have to find the energy and time to fight mourning, discover the truth, and reopen her heart to a new feeling.

Giordano Testa (Played by Kaspar Capparoni)

Giordano Testa is the man who has lost Elena's love for the sins of his past. After many years, he is now locked up in a prison, serving his sentence. The very few things that keep him going are visits from his daughter, Giulia, and the determination to show that he has changed. Giordano still loves Elena but is aware that she will never be able to return those feelings. Her forgiveness would be enough and, in the course of this new season, he will do anything to get it.

Gloria Keller (Valentina Cervi)

Gloria managed to escape to America thanks to the support of the powerful General Fiore. There she met and married Marc, a man with a certain charm, making him believe that the child she was expecting was his. Now back to Rome as a conqueror, together with her husband, she has created a lavish project, one that involves the demolition of her old neighborhood, and doing the same where Elena lives with her children.


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Giordano Testa


Gloria Keller

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