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Full Disclosure  (Solo per Amore, 2014-2016)

Cast: Antonia Liskova, Kaspar Kapparoni, Massimo Poggio
Genre: Drama, thriller
Episodes: 10
Rating: 10


While living the perfect dream, a family’s tranquillity is shattered by the kidnapping of their father. His wife, Elena, who was abducted many years ago, is now in a tooth-and-nail fight against crime, the mob and her past. Eurochannel invites you to discover the dark side of love in its new series: Full Disclosure!

Full Disclosure tells a story of love, revenge and money. In the series, Elena and Pietro are a happy couple with two beautiful daughters, an elegant villa on the outskirts of the city and a family-owned country club. But when Pietro is violently kidnapped, it seems like the return of the nightmare that Elena endured 20 years before . . . Only this time, there will be new and shocking revelations.

Divided in 10 episodes, Full Disclosure promises action and delivers more than that. Over the course of the series, it is revealed that Pietro is not the immaculate family role model he seemed to be, nor is Giordano Testa, the officer who rescued Elena years before and is now in charge of Pietro’s case. In the name of love, all protagonists will plunge into the darkest side of their souls, revealing how far they will go to make their wishes come true. All have their secrets and the thrilling twists in every episode will keep viewers wondering who is actually good and who isn’t.

Eurochannel invites you to discover the true extent of love, anger and revenge, as a well-off family is slowly destroyed by a tragedy planed by a silent enemy . . . will they ever be safe again?

Full Disclosure - E1

Elena (Antonia Liskova) and Pietro (Massimo Poggio) are happily married, wealthy and proud parents. When he's kidnapped, Elena's life becomes a nightmare again: when she was young, she was also kidnapped. The new investigation is led by Giordano Testa (Kaspar Capparoni), who rescued Elena years ago.

Full Disclosure - E2

Elena (Antonia Liskova) is forced to deal with a drug dealer in order to free Pietro (Massimo Poggio). She is unaware that the same group of people who kidnapped her when she was a teenager is now involved in her husband's kidnapping.

Full Disclosure – E3

Elena (Antonia Liskova) is increasingly tormented by the memory of her old captor, Virgilio Sanna (Mirko Urania), while Pietro (Massimo Poggio) continues to be shady and evasive with his wife, who is increasingly suspicious of her husband.

Full Disclosure – E4

Elena (Antonia Liskova) wants the truth from Pietro (Massimo Poggio) about his role in her kidnapping and confronts him at gunpoint. His confession is a painful one, as she recalls the memory of the baby she lost while she was held captive. But the arrival of the police forces Pietro to flee.

Full Disclosure – E5

Pietro (Massimo Poggio) finds Aldo’s dead body on the beach outside his father-in-law’s house, and when Elena (Antonia Liskova) arrives on the scene, she thinks her husband killed her father. It seems that the relationship between the two is now definitely over. Pietro finds a metal letter in Aldo’s hand. It is actually a piece of Giordano’s bracelet.

Full Disclosure – E6

Arianna (Laura Adriani) is about to be killed by the men sent by Fiore (Luca Biagini). Pietro (Massimo Poggio) has seen everything from Gloria’s house and is rushing home. But Stefano beats him to it and courageously rushes into the house to save Arianna.

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