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Gone - Jacques Malaterre - France

Gone (France, 2014) by Eurochannel



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Gone (Monsieur Max et la Rumeur, 2014)

Cast: Patrick Sébastien, Danièle Lebrun, Nicolas Jouhet, Margot Faure
Director: Jacques Malaterre
Genre: Drama, thriller, crime
Rating: TV-14


Max loves his wife and has promised not to drink again as long as she keeps loyal to him. One fateful night both promises break, as well as the rumor of a violent murder. Eurochannel presents Gone, a thriller about the mystery of a woman’s disappearance and its bloody consequences.

Gone follows the drastic changes in Max’s life, the serene butcher of a peaceful French villa. He is loved by all, especially by his wife Caroline, 25 years younger than him. One fateful night, everything changes when Caroline gives in to lust and desire and cheats on Max. Back home, a violent argument between them leads to her going missing. The rumors say the kind butcher has gone mental and chopped Caroline… Are they true?

Adapted from a stage play in which award-winning actor and presenter Patrick Sébastien also stars in the leading role as Max, Gone ponders the true extent of harm rumors and infidelity can cause. Through the multi-layered personality of Max, you discover slowly and surprisingly the truth behind this village’s erratic behavior after Caroline goes missing.

Eurochannel invites you to untangle the puzzle behind Max’s true intentions and Caroline’s disappearance, as a tranquil village turns against one of its most beloved community members in a violent frenzy of revenge and rage!


When Caroline (Margot Faure), has a little affair and breaks a promise, the life of her husband changes forever. She disappears after a violent dispute and her spouse becomes the subject of a lethal rumor!

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