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Gripsholm - Xavier Koller - Germany

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French Cinema During Nazi Occupation
A Double Edge Sword for Development

Gripsholm (Gripsholm, 2001)
Germany, Switzerland, Austria

Director: Xavier Koller
Cast: Ulrich Noethen, Heike Makatsch, Jasmin Tabatabai, Marcus Thomas
Genre: Drama


This is the summer of their lives and they don’t want anybody to ruin it – not even the Nazis! Welcome to Europe in the 1930s, the beginning of National Socialism in Germany, to share a vacation trip with an irreverent author and his wife as they travel to Gripsholm.  

Based on the novel Schloss Gripsholm by Kurt Tucholsky, and directed by Xavier Koller, Gripsholm plunges viewers into the pleasure-craving, decadent world of Berlin cabaret at the beginning of the 1930s. Kurt is a German-Jewish publisher, ironic author and, thanks to his risqué chanson lyrics, a celebrated star of the cabaret. Kurt is invited to the Swedish palace of Gripsholm with his girlfriend, Lydia, and their friends for a summer that will change them all forever!

As a tale based on actual events, and on the life of the political journalist and writer Tucholsky, Gripsholm draws viewers into a world beyond the social and political upheavals that took place in Europe during that era. Instead, the movie focuses, in an entertaining way, on romances, hedonism, and friendships that the Nazis will soon make impossible.

Despite being an Austro-German-Swiss co-production, it was Switzerland's submission to the 73rd Academy Awards for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, but it was not accepted as a nominee.


Kurt (Ulrich Noethen) and Lydia (Heike Makatsch) are planning a relaxed vacation in Sweden. What Lydia does not know is that for Kurt, a well-known publicist, the journey is actually a flight from encroaching fascism and a direct threat from the Nazis.

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