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Handmade Cinema

Handmade Cinema

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3 Italian American directors who have succeeded in Hollywood

Handmade Cinema (2013)

Director: Guido Torlonia


Wigmakers, haberdashers, cobblers, builders, makeup artists, tailors, designers, and painters are just a few of the craftsmen whose trade and invisible hands help create the magic that the spectator experiences in cinema. Eurochannel invites you to enjoy an homage to the unknown people and elaborate artistry involved in the creation of films in Handmade Cinema.

Directed by Guido Torlonia and narrated by Chiara Mastroianni -- who has known many of these artisans since she was a little girl accompanying her father, Marcello, on the sets -- Handmade cinema provides an exceptional behind-the-scenes look at the people behind the phenomenal success of Italian cinema history. By offering wonderful, and sometimes unedited, archival footage of films, the documentary is also a tribute to those who are not on the playbills promoting blockbusters.

Discovering the detailed manual skills behind epic titles like Cleopatra, Ben Hur, The Name of the Rose and Gangs of New York, this production conveys another dimension of the appreciation of filmmaking. As if its originality weren’t enough, Handmade Cinema was financed by Louis Vuitton to screen at the opening of their new store and screening room in Rome.


Handmade Cinema traces the heritage of the great family of artisans and artists behind Italian cinema, many of whom have passed their skills from father to son. Ben Hur, Cleopatra, The Name of the Rose, The Leopard and Gangs of New York are some of the films these artisans helped to create.

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