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3 Must-See French Thrillers

Haunted (La voie de Laura, 2006)

Cast: Marie Gillain, Philippe Caroit, Jean-Michel Tinivelli
Genre: Crime, drama, thriller
Episodes: 2
Rating: 10


Laura wants to leave her troubled past behind. Settling in a cottage turned into a bed and breakfast, she tries to find peace in the quiet landscape of the Pyrenees adorning the French and Spanish border. When an infamous killer escapes from prison, Laura’s terror starts to build as her safety is at constant risk. Eurochannel premieres a surprising French thriller: Haunted.

Haunted is a two-part action thriller with a suspenseful twist. In this gripping story, Laura settled in the highest valley of the Pyrenees, the Valley of the Eagles, upon the birth of her son. She rebuilds her life by successfully developing a B&B cottage and providing hiking as well as other outdoor activities. The arrival of her last guests, just before the winter closure of the cottage, will upset the balance she has aimed to create for her and her son.

Laura is convinced that one of this final group of clients knows her past and was sent by her ex-boyfriend, an infamous killer, to end her life. Growing more and more suspicious, the young woman suspects everyone. The death of a gendarme in the region pushes her to take refuge in Jerome, her husband-to-be. While she is conducting an investigation to unmask the killer, her son Nicolas is kidnapped.

Eurochannel invites you to enjoy this multi-layered, nerve-wracking French miniseries. Will Laura rescue her son and live to tell the story? Don’t miss an episode to discover the shocking truth that lies within the French mountains!

Haunted Part 1

With the arrival of her last boarders, just before the winter closure of the cottage, Laura's (Marie Gillain) fragile balance is upset. Many ghost and memories from past overtake her, and have decided to take revenge.

Haunted Part 2

Laura (Marie Gillain) is now sure that Olivier (Andrei Aradits) is tracking her, since he has escaped from prison. She decides to resort to the help of the police by telling Gilles (Jean-Michel Tinivelli) the truth.

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