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Heart to Heart (Человек без сердца, 2018)

Cast: Anastasia Yevgrafova, Anton Batyrev, Mikhail Gavrilov
Director: Maria Tkacheva
Genre: Drama
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 4


Yevenia lives a fairytale: she is young and beautiful, has a wonderful career and the man of her dream. When a boy knocks at her door, Yevenia’s world turns upside down and her perfect life becomes a disgrace. Eurochannel premieres Heart to Heart, a new drama about the power of unconditional love.

In Heart to Heart, Yevenia enjoys the time of her life. She is gorgeous, her house is on the posh side of town, and her executive job gives her freedom and recognition. To top it all, her boyfriend has just proposed to her. He is a famous soccer player being scouted for a move to Chelsea, the top London team. Nothing could go wrong in Yevenia’s life… until it does!

One morning, a boy knocks on her door and reveals to be her son, it all starts to crumble. Leo, the kid, also shocks her with some terrifying news: his heart is very weak and he needs an urgent transplant – otherwise, Leo could die in months!

Heart to Heart is a four-part drama that delivers what it promises. Managing emotions through a layered story, the series slowly reveals small plot twists that create a sense of both despair and tenderness towards the protagonists. Doubtless, viewers will identify themselves with the main characters as the series evolve.

Welcome to a poignant drama about a kid in need of a heart, but more than that, a group of people in need of what is really important in life… Pure love!

Heart to Heart – E1

Yevenia lives a fairytale: she is young and beautiful, she has a wonderful career and a man of her dream. A doorbell ring changes everything. There is a terminally ill boy on her doorstep saying Yevenia is his mother.

Heart to Heart – E2

Zenya thinks the boy was sent by some of her rivals. However, Vera, the woman who raised the boy has Leo’s DNA test results, which prove Zhenya is his biological mother.

Heart to Heart – E3

Zenya gets enmeshed in her own lies, which she made up to get Vadim’s attention. Her relations with her fiancé worsen due to Irena, her fiancé’s mother, who plays a double game.

Heart to Heart – E4

Eventually, Zenya realizes she loves the boy. She is afraid to admit she has fallen in love with Safronov. Can she refuse her “celebrity life”?

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