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Hearts of War (Russia, 2011) by Eurochannel



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Hearts of War (Tolko ne seychas, 2011) 

Cast: Alexander Domogarov, Magdalena Lamparska, Daniel Olbrihscil
Director: Valery Pendrakovskiy, Yury Rogozin
Genre: Romance, drama, action


There are very few things as exciting as falling in love – and things get even better when such feeling is forbidden by society. In the middle of the Russian occupation of Poland in the early 1950s, a young soldier falls for a local woman… both in love, both traitors to their kind. Eurochannel premieres Hearts of War, a romantic drama about the power of love.

Hearts of War follows the story of a young Russian soldier during his military service. He is sent to a small Polish town – a quiet place where there is a tacit tension between the locals and the Russian occupation army. Both bands are forbidden to socialize but Shurka, the soldier, falls for Elka, a young woman working for the local chocolate factory.

This poignant production transports viewers to an era of tension between two perceptions of the world at the beginning of the Cold War. By providing a love story between two young lovers from “enemy” sides, Hearts of War reflects on the ideas of the true reasons behind the war, and how compatible are those when it comes to love and the dreams of youth.

As the plot develops, the adventure between Shurka and Elka evolves from a platonic, innocent, and pure love, into a profound feeling that only the heartless bureaucracy of the Russian army will end… But not forever. As our young heroes’ part ways, the bond between both of them develops unexpectedly.


1953. A Russian soldier stationed in Poland falls in love with a local girl. Their forbidden romance turns them into traitors to their countries.

Airing times

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