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Hives - Croatia/Czech Republic



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Hives (Hives, 2013)
Croatia, Czech Republic

Directors: Michael Carson Lennox, Simon Dolenski, Tomas Kratochvil, Boaz Debby
Cast: Akbar Kurtha, Stefan Lampadius, Nili Tserruya


Early morning in Jerusalem, and Nira goes to work. Ahmad in London does the same, so does Ralf in Cologne and so does a priest in Prague. In Zagreb, Matija goes to work as well: or rather, he doesn’t, but he acts as if he does. An out-of-breath young man who had to run to catch the bus interrupts Ahmad’s routine bus journey. Schoolteacher Nira is interrupted by the rap song that her pupil wrote for her. The priest in Prague does not feel like singing today: instead he feels like sleeping, and missing Mass. Someone falls asleep, and someone else – Ralf – falls in love.

Directed by Igor Šeregi, Boaz Debby, Michael Lennox, Simon Dolensky, Tomaš Kratochvil, Hives is a film in which these five diverse characters are united by a common thread – they are all listening to urgent news reports about the disappearance of bees. In addition, they are all trying their best, each of them living in his or her own hive: in Zagreb, Jerusalem, London, Cologne and Prague.

Hives was nominated at the Pula Film Festival for Best Film and most of its directors were students when they released the project.


Thursday morning: Zagreb, Jerusalem, London, Cologne, Prague. Five people get up and go to work in five cities-hives, like bees. In search of a life sweeter than the one they live now…

Airing times

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