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In Love with an Angel (Angeli – Una storia d’amore, 2014)

Director: Stefano Reali
Marco Bonini, Raoul Bova, Vanessa Incontrada
Genre: Romance


A womanizing millionaire prince enjoys jumping from one woman to the next. One day, he meets the woman who will change his life and soul forever . . . but now, he must relinquish earthly desires for true love. Eurochannel premieres the romantic drama, In Love with an Angel!

In Love with an Angel portrays the impossible romance of Claudio and Luisa. He is a carefree millionaire with no limits when it comes to enjoying all the pleasures money and charm can buy. She is a down-to-earth police officer in search for true love after several disappointing romances. At first, both seem to be destined to be in love, but they don’t know that Claudio has been seen as the ideal candidate to become an angel!

With a blend of comedy, romance and drama, In Love with an Angel delivers a gripping and uplifting tale of hope and perseverance. Alongside the main passionate story of Claudio and Luisa, the lives of Claudio’s neighbors also have an impact on his decisions. His palace ― as he holds a royal title from his ancestors ― houses many families whose futures are in danger. Only through his good actions will Claudio realize that becoming an angel is better than continuing with his selfish lifestyle.

Enriching an already entertaining plot, the cast of this film includes several big names of the Italian cinema, such as Vanessa Incontrada and Raoul Bova, an international star with credits in worldwide blockbusters like AVP: Alien vs. Predator and Under the Tuscan Sun.

Eurochannel invites you to discover a heavenly story about love and redemption as the protagonist slowly changes his life to become an angel!


Claudio (Raoul Bova) is a selfish 40-year-old man who enjoys all the pleasures in life. With a limitless bank account at his disposal and a charming appearance, he jumps from one girl to the next . . . until he falls in love with Luisa (Vanessa Incontrada), so much so that he’ll value her life over his own.

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