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In Real Life (Det Andet Liv, 2013)

Director: Jonas Elmer
Cast: Uffe Rørbæk, Karen Rosenberg, Bo Carlsson, Rune Tolsgaard
Genre: Drama


What are the secrets of the people we think we know? Are they really who they say they are? Come meet a group of Danish adventurers who are risky enough to meet strangers from the online dating pages. Eurochannel presents In Real Life, an innovative and thrilling drama reflecting on fear, love, homosexuality and pain.

Directed by the award-winning Danish filmmaker Jonas Elmer, In Real Life follows three main characters, a passionate mathematics teacher, a smoking-hot bisexual beauty, and a weary, stiff man, who suffers from a repressed fetish. However different they seem, all the characters go online to satisfy their secret needs, but those secrets have consequences, forcing them to make a fatal choice.

In Real Life continues the trend set by director Elmer with his improvisation method of coaxing his actors’ performances. This trend, which started the New Wave of Danish cinema in the 1990s, made of Jonas Elmer a cult director in his homeland and Nordic Europe thanks to his 1998 film Let’s Get Lost.

According to the director, “In Real Life explores our desire to get our unmet needs satisfied, and shows thus also our passions, desperation and delusion.”

Come meet three people whose lives are turned upside down by sex and secrets as they discover that adventure has fatal consequences.


Jørgen (Uffe Rørbæk), Mark (Thomas Ernst) and Klara (Karen Rosenberg), have nothing in common except that they have secret needs. To satisfy them, they venture into online dating, and unleash their hidden beasts. However, satisfying their passions leads to desperation and delusion, and proves to have a fatal end.

Airing times

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