In the Shadows - Tomáš Bařina - Czech Republic

In the Shadows (Czech Republic, 2018) by Eurochannel

In The Shadows

In The Shadows

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In the Shadows (Vzteklina, 2018) 
Czech Republic

Cast: Krystof Hádek, Jan Vlasák, Johana Matousková, Leos Noha
Genre: Crime, thriller


A serial killer sets on a killing spree. Mercilessly and cruelly, he ends the lives of those who are bound by guilt and are responsible for the death of his loved ones. Hiding behind the shadow of a rabies outburst in a remote location, he will find a way to terrorize locals and investigators alike. Eurochannel premieres a new dark thriller: In the Shadows!

In the Shadows follows the story of a series of murders from the optic of Pavel, a young virologist sent to a small village to investigate a rabies contagion. The night before he arrives, three old men gather in a cabin deep in the woods – two of them are gruesomely murdered and the survivor doesn’t speak because of the trauma of this fateful night. As Pavel starts to dig the outburst and gets involved in the criminal case, he discovers a disturbing connection.

Through its six thrilling episodes, In the Shadows transports viewers to one of the darkest corners of Europe. Despite everyone in this small town seem to know each other for generations, the double murder changes everything. Mistrust grows, old quarrels rekindle, and the police are unable to keep control.

Playing with the ambivalent but deep connection between nature and humans, In the Shadows takes viewers on a whirlwind of fear and thrills. Its dark narrative creates a deep level of connection with the characters and actors – including the famous Jan Vlasák, famous for his roles in Hostel (2005), The Red Baron (2008) and Circus Bukowsky (2013).

Episode 1:

Two massacred corpses lie on the exuberant drift in a forest hut. A third person is found barely alive but ends up in a psychiatry ward. The police begin an investigation that will both shock and surprise them.

Episode 2:

After a rabid fox tries to attack two boys, the police trail the farm from which the infected animal comes from. Before they can intervene against the owner of the fox fur farm, he is murdered by an unknown intruder.

Episode 3:

The police discover more animals infected with rabies. Pudil is killed by his two infected wolfdogs. During the autopsy, it is found that someone has put a tooth in his wound...

pisode 4:

The police exhume the bodies of Svejda and Kouba. It is confirmed that they were killed by a bear, but Kouba has his mouth sewn up. In the wolfdogs' grave, they find a missing skeleton and one skull is missing a canine.

Episode 5:

Rabies breaks out again in the village. This time, it is also present in vaccinated dogs. Apparently, someone replaced the vaccines for bad batches. The trail leads to Machar, who is also suspected of breaking into the Bures home.

Episode 6:

Machar is probably not the main perpetrator of terror around the town. Who is the murderer who takes revenge for ancient wrongs? Machar is firmly silent in custody and it is up to the police to solve the mysterious murders...

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