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Indecency - Radu Dragomir - Romania

Indecency (Romania, 2019) by Eurochannel



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Indecency (Mo, 2019)

Director: Radu Dragomir
Cast: Dana Rogoz, Madalina Craiu, Razvan Vasilescu
Genre: Drama
Length: 76’


All our acts have their consequences. When two students are found cheating by one of the strictest professors at the university, a gut-wrenching chain of events sets off. The results will be unbearable and unimaginable for all parts involved. Eurochannel premieres Indecency, a riveting drama about how the wrong decisions can take a fateful turn.

Indecency follows the story of Mo and her best friend, who are caught cheating during an exam by the toughest professor on campus. After Mo asks him for a second chance, the professor invites them to his house. There, the students will have to pass an unexpected examination. It's all fun and games until Mo loses control.

Praised by the specialized press, Indecency became an immediate hit upon release worldwide. The production was described as “a tight, fast-paced film with all the complex storytelling, realist acting, and dark humor that befits a Romanian New Wave jewel. And yet it is also very much a film of our time.”

Inspired by real-life events, Indecency delivers a story that reflects on Romania’s troubling track record with rape and the evolution of the #MeToo movement in the country. In such a troubling setting, this film puts into consideration the dynamics of power abuse in the character of the professor.

Eurochannel premieres one of the most controversial European films in recent years, a gem that goes beyond the stereotype and proposes real questions about current events in many countries around the world.

After they’re caught cheating on their final exam, two young students become the prey of their professor.

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