Internal Affairs - Robert Sedláček - Czech Republic

Internal Affairs (Czech Republic, 2016) by Eurochannel

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Internal Affairs (Sever, 2016)
Czech Republic

Cast: Jiří Mádl, Eliška Křenková, Robert Řasa, Štěpán Benoni, Aleš Bílík,}
Director: Robert Sedláček
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 6
Length: 60’
: Crime, action, drama


Petr is a promising criminal investigator who believes in justice and honor. When he discovers his superiors' darkest secrets, he becomes the victim of a lethal punishment that might not only end his career but also his life. Eurochannel premieres Internal Affairs a new crime drama with a surprising twist!

Internal Affairs takes you into the police precinct to witness all the rights and wrongs. Not only Petr (the series’ hero) will fight crime in a bubbly European city, but he also has to deal with irregularities within the force. It all begins when taking a stroll out of his residence, Petr finds the covered body of a woman. The brutal scene takes a toll on his mind and he decides to become a police officer – and a good one!

Divided in six thrilling episodes, Internal Affairs delivers the perfect psychological thriller plot with a twist as Petr becomes aware of his superiors’ corrupt conduct. He is punished for sticking his nose into what he shouldn’t and finds himself under investigation. It soon becomes clear that the police force is an organization bound by hard-set rules that nobody should dare to break.

A rating hit in its home country; Internal Affairs is a production that sets apart from the crowd in a world full of procedural crime series. This exciting series goes beyond the standards with its unique photography, the superb acting of its protagonists, and an acclaimed story that will leave you longing for more.

Episode 1:

Petr accidentally finds a brutally murdered girl lying near the garage of his house. The police investigate the case and Peter is very interested in it, so much that his high school friend, police officer Brázdil, suggests him to join the police.

Episode 2:

New but successful policeman Petr Svoboda is solving his next case: a Vietnamese man is murdered and death looks like an execution. Svoboda investigates with his colleague Brázdil and gets a new associate.

Episode 3:

A series of bank robberies in which the perpetrator does not hesitate to shoot is the current case of the Svoboda and Brazdil. The stakes are higher now that it seems a series of crimes are linked to some members of the city's politics, corporations and law enforcement departments.

Episode 4:

A dead man is found in the railroads. Murder or suicide? In the meantime, Peter's boss feels that he has a dangerous mole in his team that he has to get rid of. An open war begins between him and Petr.

Episode 5:

An influential and controversial businessman is shot. The shooter is Milan Smrček, a former soldier in Afghanistan, the son of the man found dead on the railroads days ago. Petr and his partner are puzzled by the case, and the risk of losing their careers...

Episode 6:

Petr is under arrest, and his corruption case against the city's political and economic elite is about to fall. After threats against his life, Petr is assigned to South Moravia to start a new life within the police after his case is successful.

Airing times

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