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Interview - Fabrizio Berruti
Fabrizio Berruti

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Interview with Fabrizio Berruti (Director)

In a few words, how would you present the film A Prince named Totò?

It's a tribute to the greatest actor in the history of Italian cinema. In this film, you will meet so many people who wanted to thank Totò for his contributions to art. It's a movie that alternates between famous scenes and interviews. Then, there are some great actors who recite Totò's poetry, for example Gigi Proietti does The Clown's Prayer and Lucio sings Totò's songs. Also, there are some memorable songs from Antonio De Curtis's movies.

What convinced you to make a documentary about Totò?

Totò was my childhood companion. I have always appreciated him and am still grateful for everything he did. I found a connection with his daughter Liliana, who is an extraordinary woman. I did it for her and because it was an incredible challenge. These are the two reasons that she let me make this film.

What is your favorite Totò movie and why?

It would surely be The Hawks and the Sparrows directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini and then Side Street Story. These are the two movies in which Totò became immortal and movies in which everyone acted great.

Is Totò still popular today in Italy?

Even now, some constantly reference his films. I think he, along with Alberto Sordi of An Average Little Man and many Fellini films are the most popular ones.

How was collaborating with all those famous narrators such as the American actor Ben Gazzara, Academy Award winner F. Murray Abraham, and Totò's daughter: Liliana de Curtis?

It was a wonderful experience. When we were shooting in Naples, people whispered, as if she were a god, "... she is Totò's daughter!"

Can you tell us about your upcoming projects?

I am preparing a documentary about one of the most important members of contemporary history: Francesco Cossiga. It will be a way to tell his story from a new point of view, the history of the '70s.

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