Interview - Max Ovaska
Max Ovaska

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Interview with Max Ovaska (Vesa Levola)

How did you prepare for the role?

I prepared for the role by reading the script a few times, revising it from different perspectives. The first time I aim to simply get the story, the plot and the general mood of the text worked out.

The second time I read the script I found myself focusing on details of my character's life, the past, the present and his plans for the future, that is, his dramatic need - which, in case of working on the leading character, is extremely important to understand. I find it helpful to comprehend the story's dramatic structure in acting the leading character out into a whole person.

Do you think what happens to Vesa is fair? (Being put in jail, abandoned by his family)

What happens to Vesa is difficult to think of as fair or unfair because the downhill in his life gets launched with a terrible accident: pushing a man down from a bridge, thus causing his death. Even though I would consider accidental crimes as sort of blind spots of the law, Vesa does put himself in this situation by getting upset and hence violent. One is responsible for his actions, no matter how strong an emotion.

Which quality (or qualities) do you think helps Vesa survive in the criminal world?

Vesa survives in prison due to his skills on computer programming, which he is forced to provide to another prisoner. This tribulation makes him stronger and more alert. His harsh past has made him sharp and set him a better purpose in life.

Would you say this experience turns Vesa into a bad person?

This experience makes him decide to deal with things he would not want to deal with, but he remains strong in his sense of justice.

Did you enjoy working with Minna Virtanen?

I am grateful to Minna for the opportunity to act my first main role in a fine TV-series. Working with her was delightful as she would let the actors improvise and give a realistic touch. I remember her being well aware of the necessary shots, which makes it easier for an actor to provide, to be energetic and focused. Knowing what you need to shoot is vital when working with a very tight schedule as we did.

What are your next projects, in cinema, in life?

We just finished shooting a Finnish thriller called "Rat King" in Estonia, the movie is directed by Petri Kotwica and it'll be released in January 2012. Besides random jobs I study by travelling.

Return to Underworld Trilogy

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