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Interview - Nora von Waldstätten

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Interview with Nora von Waldstätten (Actress)

Do you think life could be compared to parkour in the aspect one have to overcome obstacles?

Oh, certainly! As in life and as in acting: work with the obstacle. Don't ignore it, don't walk around it. Use it. A strong resistance can help you form certain energy and might even be the solution.

How did you prepare for the role?

I created a character biography: how was her childhood, the relationship with the parents, her biggest dream and fear. Since she worked in a post office, I also did two days internship at a post office in Berlin. I wanted to know how it feels working in shifts, that is it exactly what she wanted to get away from.

Is any actor a parkour fan? Does someone in the cast practice it?

During preparation time, all the male leads had parkour training and they loved it! They became really good at it. So good, that they often refused to let the stunt double do the action.

What interests you the most about the movie and your character?

I found the aspects of this sport and the interaction with Richie's life really intriguing. Someone who practices a sport that requires a free, open and sharp mind and yet in his private life, looses this ability more and more. Hanna is a very real girl. She works hard in order to achieve her goals and loves life. She notices bit by bit that her relationship is getting more and more unpredictable because of Richie's jealousy. She tries hard to hold on to him with all her love and strength. Unfortunately she has to face the question: how much jealousy and mistrust can she put up with.

We know you are filming these days in Hungary, can you tell us something about the project?

We are in the middle of shooting Ken Folletts “World Without End". I have the pleasure of working with colleagues such as Cynthia Nixon, Miranda Richardson and Ben Chaplin. Michael Caton-Jones directs us and we are having an exciting time in the 14th century! I'm playing Gwenda, a peasant girl who fights for a better life and yes, has to overcome a lot of obstacles.

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