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Interview - Ruth Vega Fernández
Ruth Vega Fernandez

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Interview with Ruth Vega Fernández (Vanja)

First of all, tell us something about yourself. How comes that a renowned actress in Sweden has a Latino-Hispanic name?
My parents are Spanish. I was born on the Canary Islands. But after a couple of years we moved to Sweden and kept traveling all around from then on.

Thus, do you consider yourself Spanish or Swedish?
I consider myself a traveler.

Which culture do you identify the most with?
It depends on the occasion and the state of mind. Mostly I feel for the cultures I know and speak the language of, Swedish, Spanish, French and English… But I think I identify the most with lone wolves.

What do you think are the main differences between Swedish and Spanish cinema?
The same as the culture. The temperature. Outside and inside.

Have you ever received any offers to play roles in Spanish films?
No, I've only worked in Sweden and France -where I live- for the moment.

How did you prepare for the character in Not Like Others? Did you read any special vampire-themed book or watched any special film?
I didn't prepare in any particular way. I mostly just relied on my experience of feeling alone and being an outsider.

Do you consider there was a vampire’s boom in Swedish cinema in late 2000s as there were plenty of them?
I think the vampire boom was –and probably is- everywhere. Classical epic themes like that seem to come back in cycles.

As far as we know, one of your favorite films of all times is Modern Times with Chaplin, why is it so special for you? And, do you have any favorite modern films?
That’s not entirely true. Although Chaplin has been very important to me since his films were the first I ever saw, at the age of five. There are so many interesting modern films being made! I love Steve Mcqueen's cinema, Lars Von Trier, Thomas ALfredson, Cronenberg, Claire Denis…

What are your plans for the future? Are you working on any film?
Kiss Mig
aka Kiss Me has just premiered here in Paris, Call Girl by Mikael Marcimain has been selected for the Toronto Film Festival and will premiere in November. I also have a couple of fictions coming out. I am working on a couple of new projects and I'm rehearsing Scenes From a Marriage, by Bergman, that will premiere in theater in France next year. 

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