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Interview with Aylin Prandi



Interview with Aylin Prandi (Protagonist)

How did you get involved in this successful TV series?
Conviction was proposed by my French agent, Laurence Bagoe. There were several castings to find the right actor to replace the actor who portrayed Ingrid Chauvin, a police officer. I did the castings and they took me. I remember it was wonderful news; it was to be my first role in a popular series in the prime time of French TV!

What did most attracted to your character?
From the production team, there was a lot of doubt in the character that I could portray. They did not know whether to continue with the existing character or to propose something new; facing this doubt, I began to make suggestions.

I wanted her to be named Luna Guevara; they accepted Elena Cortes. I built myself a combative character who really had an inner struggle.

How was the preparation to play Elena? Did you talk to police officers; did you do any kind of activity with real cops?
I prepared physically for the role in a French police agency where I learned about combat and shooting techniques. It was fun. I also had a personal trainer to work on my physical part.

How would you describe Elena? What makes her different from other officers in the series and on TV?
The sense of order and teamwork is her flagship, but her roots told her what life is really about ... I was inspired by a Colombian soap called Rosario Tijeras, about a woman who brings justice in a violent patriarchal world. Of course, they did not let me do much because of the airing slot and the popularity of the channel.

You have also participated in Latin American productions like El marginal or Por amarte así; how did you start to take part in Latin American productions?
Having three nationalities, I was born in France, my father is Italian, and my mother is Argentinean, I wanted to live in Buenos Aires to try my profession. I felt that it was a part of me that was not explored. I searched for the best representative, Alejandro Vannelli, who took me into his agency and offered me projects for which I had castings. Let's say . . . in the traditional way.

Having worked on both sides of the Atlantic, what differences and similarities do you find between European and Latin productions?
I think it cannot be compared. In France, there is a very unionized world where there is a lot of protection for workers in the field of art, and there are many resources. In Argentina, there is an immense creativity. On both sides of the Atlantic, I found very dedicated and talented professional teams.

It is really fortunate to be able to exercise your vocation on both sides. The adaptation factor develops. In reality, it is one that changes permanently.

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