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Interview with Francesco Di Leva



Interview with Francesco Di Leva (Actor)

How did you prepare for this role? Did you have the chance of meeting actual criminals to know their world from a direct perspective?
Mafia Millionaires is a movie based on the book I Milionari written by Gensini and Cannavale. I had the chance to start from the stories of the leading clans described by the authors. Specifically for my role, Babbà, I saw some photos of the real person and I studied his movements. The director and I decided to build a mask on my character, that's why he's called Babbà.

Babbà is a non-typical criminal who become criminal because of his friend, in fact he's never holding a gun all along the movie.

Mafia movies and TV series have become a trend worldwide in recent years, why do you think this phenomenon is developing?
I think that this phenomenon is mainly developing in the south of the world and in the city's peripheries. In the areas totally free from the police check and also from politics. I feel like I'm part of those who live in the south of the world because I also live in periphery.

You have played in numerous productions about mafia, in your view, what does Mafia Millionaires special amongst those projects?
Unlike other mafia's movies and TV series, director Alessandro Piva decided to focus on the fugitive's families and its consequences, as the negative things that forbid them to live a normally daily life.

Mafia Millionaires is about a known leading criminal clan. The particularity of this movie is that the director has decided to show the family as the main cause of the criminal disasters, in fact one of the most representative episode is the Camorra war caused by the death of the main character's brother. This movie shows how family life is closely linked to the fugitives.

You have participated in theatre, TV and cinema, which format do you prefer the most and why?
I really want to say that I prefer the quality of the product instead of the format. If you propose me a movie as Mafia Millionaires I tell you I prefer cinema, but if you propose me a play as Gomorra, Il Sindaco di Rione Sanità or Napoli Milionaria I'll tell you I prefer the theatre. It depends on the quality of the play or movie.

Why people across the world should not miss this film?
I think that people should not miss this film because it shows how crime never wins trough the total failure reached by the imperial criminal family. You'll may think that crime always wins because it's always renewing itself but each person involved inside the clan is destined to fail or to die, most of the time before they even turn 40.

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