Interview with Ján Koleník - Protagonist




Interview with Ján Koleník - Protagonist

Ambition is a period drama. Do you like these kinds of clothes and atrezzo?
Costumes and masks are of secondary importance. But it indeed helps the actor. However, the period series is mainly about the study of social customs and people's lives in historical contexts. But in my opinion, passions, relationships and people do not change.

The post-war period was very important in world history. Can you think of anything from this time, from which we should take an example now?
The First Republic helped us identify as a nation. Who knows where and as part of whom we could have ended up otherwise. Even though we are now two states, then we needed the Czechs. Democracy was established during the First Republic. Today we somehow have a problem defining it, respecting it and treating it.

Do you have this period in any way connected with the history of your own family?
My grandmother was born at the time we had the chance to talk about it. It's fascinating. I respect her very much. My ancestors were soldiers and landlords.

The center of attention of Ambition is one important family. How have family relationships shifted since then?
In my opinion, the family today means an increasingly important but rare institution. It is a time when many family ties cannot last. There are also fewer children. People rely more on each other. I come from a big family. My mom has five siblings and my dad has four. The authorities were the grandfathers, then their sons. When the fathers died, the women took over.

Series production is experiencing a boom. The creators approach the television format differently than before. What do you think is the main advantage of the series over film?
It is good that genre diversity is emerging even in series. I know that the series is more interesting for television because it periodically takes up more space in the broadcast structure. And when people are interested, television has a guarantee that the viewer will return regularly. When a theme and a story do not fit into one part, more parts are created and it can be a quality series.

It is common for period series to work with historical advisors. Have you consulted with experts about your character?
Preparation is self-study. We didn't shoot a historical documentary. We have our artistic license. We use the time of Ambition as the framework in which our heroes live.

*Courtesy of Czech Television

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