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Interview with Jan Vlasak - Protagonist



Interview with Jan Vlasak - Protagonist

The period of Ambition is often an idealized time. Do you think that the series can change this perception and make it more realistic?
I think that any portrayal of historical events can ever comprehensively encompass the events themselves, so it is always just a certain view and opinion that is shown in some way. I have a feeling this will be the case.

Could you describe your character and her character in a few sentences?
I would say that he is a man of order, which he brought with him from Austria-Hungary, where different values ​​applied, and life took place in different contexts than those after the disintegration of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy and the creation of a new state. He is a man of order who, to a certain extent, suffers from the situation he got into.

What is your favorite historical figure from the period of the series?
There were a lot of great people from a wide range of disciplines. Masaryk and, in a sense that is not very positive for me, Beneš are the first that come to my mind.

How did you approach the portrayal of your character and where did you look for inspiration?
I like to watch films about the First Republic, but I have a lot of inspiration in my grandfather. He had a farm near the site of the series. In Zlonín. He was a farmer who developed from small to large proportions and died just before the break of World War II.

What are your feelings about participating in this period drama?
The series is made very carefully and that it was written carefully. That means that it is colorful, vivid, and engaging. The scenes we manage to deliver are truly impressive!

What was the hardest thing for you so far during the filming of the first season?
It was a joy for me. I didn’t feel any pressure or difficulties.

*Courtesy of Czech Television

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