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Interview with Laine Mägi (Actress)

What did you find in the series to make you decide to take one of the principal characters?
After reading the first script I was amazed, but as an actor I of course found the casting for the rest of the roles to be similarly important. The era and ideas portrayed in the show had, in our post-totalitarian times, so far seemed taboo. Nobody seemed ready to laugh through the tears we had shed.

Also, our screenwriters succeeded in incorporating this heinous past into something almost akin to a sitcom!

How did you prepare to portray Sirje?
I didn't! The story was set during my own youth - I simply reminisced about myself and my friends from the 80's! Youth is always inspiring, especially if it is your own. Even if it has been 30 years ago.

As someone who was alive during the years of the ESSR, how close is the society and family in the series to what was in reality?
I think the characters are very lifelike and we've managed to bring the era alive in modern times - all our props, furniture, decorations, etcetera, are from those times, the 80's! Many people still have their items from back then, and gladly donated them to our show! I guess that shows the people have accepted us.

As for the situations we find ourselves in, the scriptwriters have frequently based them on our or their own memories, adapted to the roles we portray. We all have our own stories from back then, and so we emphasize or downplay the parts as needed...

What did you find more challenging while filming the series to make the series closer to reality?
I honestly can't say; I'm not a director, I can't see the whole picture - but as an actress I enjoy filming every shot!

Are you working on any projects at the moment? Can you tell us something about them?
I perform the plays in my repertoire at the Estonian Drama Theatre and we're currently rehearsing for our rendition of Jane Bowles In The Summer House; the opening night was at the end of February. I also intend to take part in a short; then it's back to the set of ESSR and time for a summer filled with various theatre projects!

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