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Interview with Laura Verlinden
Laura Verlinden

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Interview with Laura Verlinden (Sandrine)

How did you prepare for the character?
I had conversations with Joost the director, on how he saw Sandrine and we rehearsed trying to create the character. She was a girl with a troubled past, acting all big and secure, surfing any kind of attention, acting too grown up for her age but secretly suffering a lack of love and being really breakable and insecure inside.

What characteristics of your personality did you take to Sandrine's life?
Not too much. Sandrine is very far from me – quite the opposite actually. It was a real challenge playing her - but I like to challenge myself. It became a very interesting working process. For the character of Sandrine, Joost was searching a different type of actress, quite an opposite to me but then got convinced that it would be good if Sandrine's secret would be that she was not who she was showing off to the world, so it would be good if she was played by someone quite opposite to her.

People have compared the film with American Pie, how do you receive this? Do you see it as a positive or negative comment?
I have never seen American Pie, I have only heard of it. However, it seems like a strange comparison.

Your character suffers some kind of abuse from his father, is that common in modern Belgium?
She does. Child abuse is everywhere in the world, including Belgium. It is terrible.

How did you match your personal life -school, friends, and family- with the filming of The Last Summer?
We filmed The Last Summer in the summer vacation that year, between the third and fourth year of drama school. It was a good thing to have such an experience outside of school. I didn't really have to reschedule anything or miss any classes.

Are you involved in any filming projects at the moment? Could you tell us something about them?
Yes. But I can't talk about them yet.

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