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Interview with Luke Healy

Luke Healy

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Interview with Luke Healy (Actor)

How did you get into the project?
I read a breakdown of the film somewhere online about it and submitted myself. Then there was a casting where met Mike in a first audition and after that I was called for another audition with the actress. The very same night of the second audition I got a call from Mike Carter telling me that the role was mine.

Jack is not a special ghost, how did you prepare for this role?
I never saw him so much as a ghost, rather a husband and a dad - I focused on playing him from those perspectives. In many ways he was the easier part to play as he’d died, he was loved and missed – everyone else, especially Natasha, had the harder job of grieving for him.

You are also a film producer, what do you enjoy the most, being in front or behind the cameras?
Being in front. It’s a lot less stressful because you just have to worry about your role. When you're a producer there are a lot of aspects that one has to keep in mind, and it makes it really demanding.

What did you find more challenging of your character?
Jack was a decent guy, who did his best to be a good dad and husband. I loved playing him. Mike wrote a really good love story, it was nice being Jack for a while – even as a ghost!

Did you expect the film to be more focused in a specific genre rather than a romantic comedy with parts of suspense and mystery?
Not really, Mike Carter did a good job putting together what he needed for the film. I think it was his intention to have the film done this way and the outcome speaks for itself.

Are you working on any filming projects at the moment?
We start shooting Artificial Horizon, the second feature I’ve produced, in a couple of weeks. It’s a sci-fi thriller about antibiotic resistance. Besides producing, I'll also be participating as an actor in this project. It's very different to Connected.

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