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Interview with Mia Jexen (Actress)

What did attract you to take part of this movie?
I love Jonas Elmer (the Director) and I was very curios because Jonas always work a lot with improvisation. I loved his first film Let's Get Lost, and since the day I saw it I knew I wanted to work with Jonas one day!

How did you prepare for this role?
We actually prepared for the film for over a year. Jonas invited the actors he had chosen into his house to improvise two times a week for a year. There was no script and no characters. It all came from improvisations, Jonas would guide us and get inspired by us. And in the end he had a story. It is the most creative job I have ever had in my career.
How was it to work with Jonas, one of Denmark's greatest filmmakers?
Jonas is the best director I have worked with! He is definitely the best director for me. I feel so safe and I dare to come with all my ideas! He is so good at guiding me and I think he makes every actor better always. I am so much hoping to work with him again.

Personally, how dangerous do you consider online dating can become?
Oh... It's not something I have ever tried myself. But I think I would be very careful about showing up in real life. I guess all these new dating apps are okay because you can often see if you have mutual friends! So you can ask people you know who knows this person if it's safe to meet... Or maybe it's just in Denmark... It’s such a small country. It has happened to me a few times that a friend has contacted me to check on a person they have met on Tinder.

You've also acted in Fortitude, which is filming its second season, how has been this new acting experience for you with an international crew?
Filming In Real Life and filming Fortitude is probably the two best work experiences I have ever had. In terms of the work process it has been very different. We don't improvise at all on Fortitude. But people wise it's very similar! I feel so lucky! I work with the most amazing and lovely people. We have become very close friends.  I love my character Ingrid, she is so much fun to play. And I love the journey she's on in season two.

What can viewers expect from your character in the new season?
We get to know Ingrid a lot more and we meet her family. Ingrid’s mum is very ill, and also aspects from her family suddenly seem to be involved with the whole crime scene. So Ingrid has a lot to cope and deal with.

Are you working on any new films at the moment? What can you tell us about them?
At the moment I am playing opposite my amazing colleague Sebastian Jessen in a new Danish film called Mens vi lever. And I am also preparing for the lead in another Danish film. Can't say much about it yet though.

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