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Interview with Mike Carter (Director)

How did you come up with the idea of this film?
There was something very specific. My father died about five years ago - two or three years before the film was made. I was looking after my mother and one morning I went to see her and she said to me: "dad came to see me last night. We had a chat and he said everything was fine." There wasn't any doubt on her that it happened. So it was very much as a result of this incident.

Connected has elements of comedy, mystery, romance and even suspense, was that all intentional?
Very much so. I wanted to write a rom-com with a twist, not a traditional one. I wanted to make a story not just about a couple connected to each other but also about life, which is filled with suspense, mystery and so on.

In the same topic, some might think the film has a bit of everything but is not an entire film of a single genre, would you agree with that?
I do. I think there was a danger when films don't stick to a category. When we tried to market it there was quite a problem for us because people said "what genre is it?" But at the same time it made the film better.

And at the point you were doing the film, did you think that it could be a drawback for the movie?
 To be honest, it didn't occur to me. It was when we tried to sell it when the people started to ask me what genre was the film. I just wanted to make an interesting film no without thinking in term of where it would sit in the public consciousness.

Personally, if you could have the opportunity to spend 24 hour with someone who passed away, would you take it?
I would. I would spend it with my dad - there are so many things I never said to him and I regret. He was quite a distant figure to me and I would just want to tell him some things I never did.

How easy was to get the film done in terms of time and budget taking into account the economic situation in Europe and the UK?
Very difficult. It was my first feature film so in terms of budget, the film was pretty much funded by my company and a lot of people invested time and money on it - mostly friends. It was hard to attract interest from the outside in terms of budgeting and funding.

And what make you go for a feature film instead of a theatrical play, for instance?
I don't know - I got a bit fed up of some things. At some point there was interest from BBC films on doing the movie and then they didn't. Then I thought, I can't wait while other people procrastinate and decide what to do, I'll just do it myself.

Do you keep any special memory from the film while you were doing it?
I made a lot of friends from the film. I keep those friendships and actually some of them work in my next film.

Are you working on any filming projects at the moment? Can you tell us something about them?
I'm currently on the postproduction of a film called Fraternity. We used a lot of the same team from connected. Natasha Staples is on it and some other actors as well.

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