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Interview with Terence Schreurs



Interview with Terence Schreurs (Protagonist)

How did you land the leading role? How was the casting process?
The casting process was the most unexpected audition ever. I had worked with Mark Weistra several years ago. We worked together on a feature film. Mark at that time worked as a script supervisor. We felt the same sort of connection workwise, never satisfied with an easy answer concerning the characters in the script. He really knew how to advise the actors to go into their character. I loved working with him. I always hoped he would become a director and for me to work with him.

Years later, I was at the gym. Why? I don't know . . . but I was thinking about Mark that week. How he was doing, etc.? That same morning, Mark was running on a treadmill; it seems we were at the same gym. I walked towards him. He stopped and looked kind of shocked seeing me. This was his reaction. Quote Mark: "I can't believe this. I wrote my script with you in my mind for the main character. I finished it. Would you be interested in reading the script?" At that moment, I knew it. This was meant to be. A couple of months later, we were sitting at the table, me trying to find out who Kristen is. And that was how the Kristen adventure started.

What did you find interesting in this movie to get involved?
Mark’s vision. Risking everything financially. Even when producers wanted the film but didn't dare to make it. Selling his video store. Mark’s way of strong storytelling, working with film-making idiots, including me (probably the biggest nerd), feeling free, working with such talented, intelligent people all going for strong storytelling and really working together with no egos involved. A crew being committed working together on weekends for more than a year. So much respect the way Mark brought this beautiful crew together. I have not ever been so happy on set before. And yes, it was hard work and we loved every second of it.

What of your personality can be found on Kristen?
Never giving up. Even when life is getting hard. Try to make the best out of it.

You won the Best Actress Award at the Molins Horror Film Festival; did you expect this role get such exposition and praise?
I prayed, I wished, I manifested and hoped the film Kristen would get recognition. The story, the director, his vision, the crew and cast deserve it so much.

Many horror film fans are believers of the supernatural; do you believe in ghosts and those kinds of manifestations?
When I was younger, I never believed in any of this. But several years ago, something happened. So I say, yes, absolutely!

Is there any anecdote of the filming days you still remember? (Because its funniness or something difficult?)
We had a lot of fun. A special camera effect made me dizzy and I fell over. It was hilarious. I can be clumsy at times. And can't stop laughing because it is rewinding immediately in my head. But sometimes film and reality come together at the same time. The scene about wanting a child hurt most because, two weeks before that scene, I had a miscarriage. I had a hard time on set. My colleagues and Mark were amazing. I stayed committed and wanted to make Kristen work. They helped me every day. Even sometimes when I just wanted to be left alone before shooting.

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