Killed by the knife: 3 must-see knife scenes on TV and movies


Game of Thrones

Killed by the knife: 3 must-see knife scenes on TV and movies

As we broadcast Enticement, a French thriller in which a woman with no criminal past begins to kill people with a knife, we have selected three memorable scenes where people die by the blade. Make sure not to miss these productions!

The Red Wedding – Game of Thrones

Doubtless one of the greatest TV shows in history, Game of Thrones is also famous for killing the fan’s favorite characters along the seasons. Maybe the most memorable killing of the series came in the famous Red Wedding. In the scene, Rob Stark and his wife are killed by stabbing. First, it is her who is knifed in the belly, where she carries the couple’s heir. Then, Stark is stabbed to death by another main character, Lord Bolton, who conspired with the Stark’s enemies, the Lannisters, to kill Rob. In the scene, Bolton says to Stark “the Lannisters send their regards” as he finishes him off.

Shower Scene - Psycho

Perhaps the most famous knife –¬¬ and shower – scene in the history of cinema, “the shower scene” in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho marked generations of movie-lovers and filmmakers. In the scene, the apparent lead character - Marion Crane – is killed after just 20 minutes in the movie. Marion gets stabbed to death while taking a shower in the creepy Bates Motel, managed by Norman Bates, played by Anthony Perkins, whose performance as a split-personality maniac would overshadow every movie serial killer to come.

Final Fight – V for Vendetta

The ending everybody wanted in V for Vendetta became a cult scene for movie addicts and comic lovers. This knife scene starts when V faces Peter Creedy, the head of Britain's secret police and as they attempt to take his mask off, he kills two agents with blades. The scene then turns into a spree of killings in which the protagonist shows his ninja-like, action-packed skills, to murder his enemies.

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V for Vendetta

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