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Legacy (Ubice mog oca, 2016)

Cast: Vuk Kostić, Tihomir Stanić, Marko Janketić
Director: Predrag Antonijevic, Natasa Drakulic, Marko Miskovic
Genre: Crime, thriller
Seasons: 4


A young but experienced inspector gets first big case - solving the harrowing murder of a construction tycoon's daughter. As he digs into the case, he is unaware of the dangers he is exposing himself to. Eurochannel premieres Legacy, a Serbian crime drama beset with action, intrigue and plenty of twists!

Legacy follows the investigation of a harrowing case. The daughter of a real estate mogul is found dead and detective Alexander Jakovljevic finds himself in charge of the case. It is his first prominent case after years escalating up the police ranks! As the detective wades through a dense web of secrets, he also discovers that more murders can be related to the same case.

A true police and crime series, Legacy also offers a bit of light entertainment as the main character divides his romantic attention between a forensics scientist, Jelena, with whom he is madly in love, and public prosecutor Marija, with whom he had a passionate and dangerous affair.

To complicate the case further, Alexander discovers that the death of his late father, a former police inspector, is mysteriously connected with the death of innocent girls. Completely alone in the fight for the truth, He will risk his own life to finally find justice!

Eurochannel premieres an exciting police drama with a gripping plot. Come find alongside detective Alexander Jakovljevic the conspirators behind a murder spree in a Serbian city!

Legacy – E1

The young detective Jakovljevic and his partner investigate the murder of a young girl who was burned in a cornfield. The investigation leads to a company owned by the victim's father.

Legacy – E2

Aleksandar and Mirko bring Strahinja into custody. During a raid at Strahina's place, they find an interesting photo that may be a possible clue.

Legacy – E3

Having found evidence proving that Strahinja is innocent, Aleksandar tries to reopen the case, but for Marjanovic, this case is solved. In the meantime, another dead body appears...

Legacy – E4

Aleksandar and Mirko find out that the Milica's boyfriend, a famous tennis player, is involved in the crime more than they thought.

Legacy – E5

Strahinja suicides in his prison cell. Aleksandar finds call logs between Dejan and Nikola Kovacevic, Peca's father and minister in the Parliament.

Legacy – E6

Mirko and Aleksandar agree to arrest Dejan. Aleksandar reveals the connection between the police chief Obradovic, Jovan's wife, and Nikola Kovacevic.

Legacy– E7

Aleksandar visits Jovan's wife and shows her compromising pictures of her, so she accepts to work for him. Peca tells his father that he opened his safe and gave all the documents to Aleksandar.

Legacy – E8

Aleksandar is arrested and tortured to admit that he was with Marjanovic that night. Jelena and Sava fake evidence to release Aleksandar form custody.

Legacy – E9

Tijana informs Aleksandar that Srle and his people want to kill Marjanovic, his mother and him.

Legacy – E10

An unexpected turn of events comes with new-found evidence. Minister Kovacevic resigns and Marjanovic is named as Minister of Police. He is deeply involved in everything that happened, more than Aleksandar thinks.

Legacy – S2E1

After the shooting in a café there are several fatal victims, and Jelena's fate is uncertain. Alexander is completely distracted but realizes that may have been the target of a shooting that leads to an investigation on a completely different track.

Legacy – S2E2

Alexander blames himself for Jelena's dire condition. He is determined to find the murderers. The investigation develops in several directions. As the first hearings begin, it becomes clear that the shooting was ordered.

Legacy– S2E3

Aleksandar is called by the police from the hospital and is told that someone tried to enter into Zika's room. Aleksandar orders to increase the security on Yelena as well.

Legacy– S2E4

Aleksandar is called by the police from the hospital and is told that someone tried to enter into Zika's room. Aleksandar orders to increase the security on Yelena as well.

Legacy– S2E5

Aleksandar reveals someone is following him and because of this, he turns to Mirko and Milanka for help.

Legacy – S2E6

Mirko tells Aleksandar that his informant has disappeared. As a result, a large-scale investigation was started as the informant's father is a close friend of Mirko.

Legacy– S2E7

Mirko inquires a retired policeman about the unsolved murder of Biba's husband. In the meantime, Aleksandar arrests Baron on his own, causing rage in his superiors.

Legacy – S2E8

Aleksandar asks Maria for several warrants so he can go to Banja Luka to interrogate some suspects of killing Biba's husband.

Legacy– S2E9

Aleksandar presents Yelena with the facts that cause him to suspect that Marjanovic is involved in the murder of his father. Marjanovic suspends him and tells him he could get fired too.

Legacy – S2E10

Milanka decides to return home and there she talks to Mirko who blames himself for what happened to her.

Legacy– S2E11

After a bloody showdown at Branka's farm, dead bodies remain on both sides, and Marjanovic comes to clear the mess.

Legacy – S2E12

The Bosnian brothers are picked up and detained after discovering that their car was in Serbia the night of the shooting at a café, and later it turns out they are connected with the murder of Biba's husband.

Legacy– S3E1

A new case awaits Inspector Aleksandar: a famous doctor has been gruesomely murdered. The investigation takes an unexpected turn and drags the inspector to the darkest corners of his soul.

Legacy – S3E2

The investigation into the murder of the doctor has further complicated because of the corpse’s conditions. Yelena receives a confirmation from the doctor that she could return to work.

Legacy– S2E3

Aleksandar finds out what happened to Mirko and goes to investigate. The doctor's wife is detained, but she refuses to cooperate.

Legacy – S3E4

The police face the inquisitive press in the case of the murdered doctor. Mirko receives a call from Ruza for the handover and Aleksandar gets disappointed of his new condition.

Legacy– S3E5

Mirko and Aleksandar set a trap for Ruza, but she manages to escape.

Legacy – S3E6

Zoran orders Mirko and Aleksandar to continue with the doctor's case at full speed. They also get a new associate: Goran, a police officer who became an inspector.

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