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Lifeline (Доктор Ковальчук, 2017)

Cast: Anastasia Karpenko, Sergey Derevyanko, Alexander Formanchuk
Director: Eva Strelnikova , Vera Yakovenko
Genre: Drama
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 40


The doctors are in on Eurochannel! Oksana is a hard-working heart surgeon sent to change a corrupted emergency hospital. With a situation as critical as the patients she saves every day, the hospital will be her toughest challenge ever... Eurochannel premieres Lifeline, a new drama portraying the day-to-day life of doctors in Eastern Europe.

In this poignant series, Oksana Kovalchuk is a heart surgeon with the kindest soul in her hospital. After a personal tragedy, when her father was left to die due to incompetence and negligence in a clinic, she decided to create a model for decent and profitable patient treatment. One day she is put to test and given the leadership of Hospital 13, one of the most corrupt in the city. There, with a group of trusted colleagues and friends, Oksana is set to change for good the many lives she will touch!

Divided in ten episodes, Lifeline’s first season portrays the glories and setbacks faced by health professionals in a hospital where corruption seems to be rampant. Each episode tells the story of a new patient with health issues as complicated as their personal lives… But Oksana, thanks to her goodwill and professionalism, makes the hospital flourish despite the enemies within.

This heartwarming drama is filled with moral, humor and romance. Through honest hard work, Oksana not only helps to restore the lives of patients, and allows them to enjoy a full life again but also the belief amongst her colleagues in a decent and human side of medicine.

Lifeline – S1E1

During a heart transplant operation, Oksana has to resolve an emergency after an argument with a young doctor.

Lifeline – S1E2

Oksana is late for work because of Anton's fault. Oksana invites Tatiana to work as a senior nurse but Tanya hesitates so a former paramedic lover does not perceive her transition as deliberate. Alice arrives at the reception ward with signs of suffocation.

Lifeline – S1E3

After finding out that Oksana and Anton have quarreled, Boris adds oil to the fire - trying to emphasize Anton's soullessness.

Lifeline – S1E4

Oksana is outraged by Mikhailuk's proposal from the Ministry to make a training center based on her software.

Lifeline – S1E5

Anton asks Oksana not to linger at the hospital - he plans to celebrate their anniversary but last minute problems at work do not allow her to get back in time. As Anton finally proposes to her Oksana wonders if she is ready to marry him.

Lifeline – S1E6

Oksana refuses to go to Anton's parents, who want to bless them for their upcoming marriage. Maxim looks for his daughter after she escapes from her grandparents' house.

Lifeline – S1E7

Julia, a pregnant woman is brought to the ward unconscious and with a fracture. Oksana and Boris understand that Julia has hallucinations. It becomes clear that Julia is an alcoholic.

Lifeline – S1E8

Oksana stays on night duty. Relations start to improve between Oksana and Maxim but this healing process is interrupted by Boris.

Lifeline – S1E9

An ambulance brings a male patient victim of a hit-and-run accident. The victim has no documents with him but Inga finds many female names in his smartphone. After calling those he was calling more often,m three women come to the hospital: his wife and two mistresses.

Lifeline – S1E10

Oksana is offended by Anton's carelessness while Maxim witnesses the phone conversation. Boris reveals that he doesn't care about Oksana's feelings, he only finds her as arousing and attractive.

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