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Love Farm (Quand les poules auront des dents, 2012)

Director: Bertrand Van Effenterre
Cast: Vincent Guillaud, Armelle Deutsch, Julie Debazac
Genre: Comedy


Imagine a world without chickens to eat! That is the world Arman lives in when his life crumbles and the promise of eating a chicken and fries is the only thing keeping his family alive and together. Eurochannel premieres a heartwarming comedy that will take you to the French countryside in Love Farm.

Love Farm follows Arman in his quest to fulfill a promise. His family is on the verge of ruin and only fulfilling a vow to his son will save his marriage and future. Bringing home a chicken to eat with fries will give him the opportunity to make up for all his flaws, something he’s been longing for. It seems simple, but the promise of a happy meal takes him on an adventure into the unknown of the world, others, and his own personality.

With a well-delivered and magnificent blend of comedy, adventure and dark humor, Love Farm juxtaposes the worlds of Arman and Clémentine, an investigative journalist and environmentalist obsessed with her own quest. Together, they begin a life-changing journey . . . a trip that will give both protagonists and viewers a different perspective on life in the city and the countryside among nature.

Join Arman and Clémentine in their pursuit of the impossible as their individual anxieties on issues like family stability and global warming blend in this uplifting road movie. Will they find what they are looking for? Will there be a happy meal for everybody at the end of the day?


Arman, a father (Vincent Guillaud) trying to win back his son's trust, teams up with a food-obsessed journalist (Armelle Deutsch) in a desperate quest to find a chicken to bring home for dinner.

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