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Love Is Imperfect (Italy, 2012) by Eurochannel


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Love is imperfect (L'amore è imperfetto, 2012)

Director: Francesca Muci
Cast: Anna Foglietta, Bruno Wolkowitch, Giulio Berruti, Lorena Cacciatore
Genre: Drama, romance


Eurochannel presents Love is not perfect, an elaborate drama about love, opportunities and seduction, as a 35-year-old woman rediscovers her feelings.

Love hurts, but it is all we need! In this gripping Italian production, viewers follow a stunning woman in her romantic ventures. Elena, the protagonist of the movie, after a long period without relationships, opens her doors to love. The invited to her heart are an even more attractive woman, whose seductive movements are irresistible, and a 60-year-old man who provides security and stability. Now Elena must make her choice.

Adapted from the novel of the same name, and directed by the writer herself, Love Is Imperfect is Francesca Muci’s feature debut after her documentary productions. Muci, a published author, now takes charge of her own book to translate into a visual experience that matches the intensity and drama of her writing through the moving performance of Anna Foglietta.

Eurochannel invites you to enjoy this Italian movie and surrender your senses to the inexplicable and drifting roads of love - assuring, imperfect, yet irresistible!  


Elena (Anna Foglietta) is a beautiful, 35-year-old accomplished woman who has an unhealthy obsession with perfection. Elena's well-ordered life is thrown into chaos when she meets Adriana (Lorena Cacciatore), an 18-year-old seductive young woman who offers passion and excitement, and Hector (Bruno Wolkowitch), an older man who offers Elena stability and security.

Airing times

Airing times

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