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Love Swing - Ukraine

Love Swing (Ukraine, 2018) by Eurochannel

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Love Swing (выше только любовь, 2018)

Cast: Stanislav Tikunov, Victoria Klinkova, Alexander Sokolov
Genre: Drama, romance
: Drama


Martha's dreams to become an Olympic gymnast shatters because of her dishonest coach. Her only chances are in the local circus. There, her two possible partners fight for her affection. Eurochannel premieres Love Swing, a new romantic drama series that will take you to the fascinating world of a European professional circus.

Love Swing follows the story of Martha, a promising gymnast whose talents can’t be denied. Her dream was o become a circus artist, but her mother pressured her to pursue a career in sports. As she is ready to participate in the national team selection for the upcoming Olympic Games, she realizes she will have to do more than a top-notch sporting performance. The main coach only chooses those girls who sleep with him!

With her Olympic dreams shattered to pieces, Martha decides it’s time to follow her childhood dream of becoming a circus artist. When she is paired with two young trapeze artists for the main number, new problems arise. Her two partners are handsome. Both are professionals, but both fall in love with her…. Now this love triangle will be a more difficult challenge than any acrobatics.

Eurochannel invites you to Ukraine’s most emotional circus as Martha discovers that love can be as difficult as becoming the top circus performer in her country!

Episode 1:

Marta makes a decision to realize her childhood dream and become a circus gymnast. A pair of trapeze artists lose their female partner and cannot continue performing. Marta begins to train with them, but Vlad’s mother is against the new team member.

Episode 2:

Marta and the guys rent a room, and in the meantime, Larisa, Vlad’s mother, tries to stop the partnership. Larisa tells the director that there, under the dome, they are actually fighting for Marta. Vlad goes on a date with Alla, but he actually thinks about Marta.

Episode 3:

Marta is kicked out of the circus but the guys decide to help her. Varya is unconscious in the hospital and everyone in the circus thinks that Marta set the accident up.

Episode 4:

Vlad’s mother organizes the arrival of the German circus. The relationship between Vlad and Alla becomes complicated. Trying to eliminate his rival, Vlad falls and injuries himself forever.

Airing times

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